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Correctional Services Division

The Correctional Services Division offers a comprehensive approach to managing various inmate services including inmate communication technologies, commissary, and food services, allowing clients to focus on their primary goal of operating a correctional facility. Through Praeses’ subject matter expertise, oversight, and unique technologies, clients maximize financial
and administrative resources.


Inmate Communications

As technologies advance and merge, regulatory pressures increase, and demands on inmate communication grow, Praeses works alongside its clients to provide industry insight, RFP and contract consulting, and ongoing oversight to assist correctional facilities in achieving balance between various communication technologies, compliant rate and fee structures, and accurate recoupment of facility costs.

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Food Services

Building on its extensive communications capabilities, Praeses has expanded its offering to include correctional food services management.  Praeses’ experience in consulting, contract management, vendor procurement and oversight provides its clients with an enhanced Request for Proposal (“RFP”) process, maximizing cost savings.

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Commissary Services

Praeses provides professional consulting services consisting of vendor compliance, ongoing vendor management, transaction validation and reconciliation, and day-to-day management of services. Praeses helps your facility achieve maximum efficiencies and cost savings, while ensuring the accuracy of pricing and reported revenues.

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“Praeses has proven to be a first-rate agent providing the highest caliber of inmate telephone administrative and support services. Their diligence, knowledge, and insight into this unique and complex aspect of the telecommunications industry has consistently saved CCA significant sums year over year over the course of our relationship.”


"In a complex industry filled with constant technology advances and taxing regulatory changes, Praeses has guided us with their knowledge and expertise by providing strategic recommendations to support our operational goals while maintaining compliance with any new regulations. We feel much more aware and secure within our inmate communications environment having Praeses on board; they are a valued
partner and team member of the Stanislaus County Sheriff's Department."

Sheriff-Coroner (Stanislaus County Sheriff's Department)


Founded in 1987, Praeses is a privately-held company headquartered in Shreveport, Louisiana.  Praeses emerged in the inmate telecommunications industry after years of experience in the public payphone arena.  Praeses tracked millions of data points created from hundreds of thousands of telephone calls.  As the industry shifted away from public payphones, Praeses turned its attention to the corrections industry and a variety of inmate telecommunication technologies and processes. Praeses’ Correctional Services Division currently works with hundreds of county, state, and private facilities.


Our Correctional Services team is comprised of over 125 years of experience and knowledge in the telecommunications industry. Our team includes smart, driven people who are dedicated to providing the best experience for all of our clients.

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