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"Praeses has been a great addition to our management team. Praeses developed our RFP for phone services and video visitation.  They helped us through the interview process to select a vendor and continue to be the lead for our organization on contract compliance. Our representatives from Praeses have the county’s best interest in mind and have the time to ensure our new partnership reaches its full potential." 

Imperial County Sheriff’s Office

"Our Praeses service team is always looking forward – how to provide more inmate services or more information /statistics to management. Goes above and beyond on keeping us informed with the latest trends and changes in the correctional industry."

Fairfax County Sheriff’s Office

"Praeses’ knowledge of the inmate telephone business is what sold me on partnering with them. From the preparation of the RFP until the contract is executed, they work closely to offer their expert opinion on what our options are and what we should expect. Their staff will monitor pertinent information that may affect our jail and relay that information to us. They are a true owner’s representative that has our best interest in mind. I will continue to partner with them and recommend them to other Administrators."

Administrator, Blue Ridge Regional Jail Authority, Lynchburg, VA

"Praeses has been an invaluable resource to our custodial management team.  Prior to contracting with Praeses, our sworn staff managed telephone contracts without any assistance.  Now that we contract with Praeses, we have ongoing and up to date information to provide a better service to our facility.  Praeses staff has always been responsive to our requests and professional in their service."

Marin County Sheriff’s Office

“For us, Praeses takes the stress and worry out of our procurement and contract monitoring processes.  They consistently provide us with the timely and essential support we need in order to navigate through the selection process in addition to enforcing the resulting contracts we enter in to with our vendors.  Their professional advice and guidance is invaluable when it comes time to leverage that experience during the negotiation process and during the life of the contract.  We started out years ago using Praeses solely for our inmate phone services and now we are partnering with them for guidance in contracting for our jail visitation, tablets, food services and commissary.”

Sarasota County Sheriff’s Office, Florida

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