Protecting Your Inmate Services

Management Services

Management Services include oversight of any and all system installation(s), day-to-day management, ongoing vendor compliance and consulting, for clients’ commissary environments.

  • Praeses assists in advancing clients’ commissary environment by identifying and advising on new approaches and progressive strategies relative to the commissary services industry. 
  • Praeses acts as its clients’ representative to coordinate any and all installation(s) related to commissary services.
  • Praeses provided clients with a single point of contact for all commissary needs and/or issues.  This individual will work directly with clients to proactively manage and coordinate a variety of day-to-day processes (implementation, equipment repairs, commissary orders/delivery, validation, etc.). These proactive management services will allow Praeses to make recommendations on how to minimize costs and improve performance processes at clients’ facilities.
  • Praeses works with the selected provider to ensure that, at a minimum, any and all services currently provided by the incumbent commissary provider continue to be available, including any required interfaces with other County providers, such as the contracted inmate telephone service provider. 

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