Protecting Your Inmate Services

Reconciliation Services

  • Praeses maintains an accurate inventory of all equipment, commissary items, and commissary orders/delivery, as well as confirm and reconcile commissary purchases, pricing and revenue share structures, and items to be restocked.  
  • Praeses imports all applicable reports and data received from clients’ commissary provider into internally developed, proprietary and managed systems and will generate various queries to investigate the information at the lowest level, and detect trends and anomalies.  In addition, Praeses identifies and make recommendations to remedy any issues and ensure all services are operating at a maximum output. 
  • Utilizing state of the art, internally developed, proprietary software and proven methods, Praeses:
  • Implements efficient reporting and reconciliation processes for commissary service to its clients.
  • Evaluates the accuracy of invoices, costs and reported revenues/sales associated with the commissary services by reconciling daily and monthly statements and data associated with commissary services and validate the data for accuracy.
  • Detect mathematical errors, billing changes, cost variances, trends and anomalies and provide customized monthly reporting for its clients’ commissary services.  Any inconsistencies detected are presented to clients with recommendations.
  • Praeses delivers customized reports to meet clients’ requests and will send monthly remittance and reconciliation reports which break down commissary activity.

Contact one of our reconciliation specialists to find out more about our services and how we can start helping you TODAY! 

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