Protecting Your Inmate Services

RFP, Contract, and Industry Consulting Services

  • Praeses works to understand its clients’ unique needs and any other factors relevant to the RFP for commissary services.
  • Praeses can draft RFPs and work with clients to release a comprehensive RFP for any commissary  providers submitting an RFP response.  Praeses’ focuses, without limitation, on the following areas:
  • Menu changes and requirements;
  • Restock requirements;
  • Delivery requirements;
  • Vendor record keeping and reporting requirements;
  • Vendor user interface provisions;
  • Required interface specifications;
  • Invoicing and payment remittance processes;
  • Performance guidelines and associated fines/penalties;
  • Implementation process and conditions;
  • Equipment and supplies requirements;
  • Pricing / revenue share structure.
  • Praeses serves as a subject matter expert for its clients.  As offers for commissary services are
    received, Praeses provides an analysis regarding vendor qualifications, compliance, service offerings, compensation offer, costs and fee structures to enable clients to make an informed decision when awarding contracts for the selected services.  
  • Praeses independently and objectively reviews all commissary services RFP proposals submitted.
  • Praeses prepares a summarized analysis of all RFP proposals to assist clients in their evaluation process during the RFP.
  • Praeses presents options and recommendations for enhancing the commissary services RFP proposals submitted by potential vendors.
  • Once clients have selected a provider, Praeses coordinates with them to draft/send notice of
    award and decision letters for each provider who prepared and supplied a response to the RFP.

Praeses assists clients in creating business terms relative to the commissary environment by drafting, preparing, finalizing and facilitating the execution of a contract. Clients benefit from Praeses’ in-depth nationwide market knowledge to ensure the most beneficial contract is executed.

Contact one of our RFP specialists to find out more about our services and how we can start helping you TODAY! 

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