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RFP, Contract, and Industry Consulting Services

Praeses’ consulting services guide correctional facilities through the food services Request for Proposal (RFP) process.  Specifically, Praeses’ RFP consulting services include RFP creation, RFP response evaluations, contract preparation and food service vendor transitions. Praeses works with its clients to modify the RFP consulting services and deliverables to meet the unique procurement guidelines. We work with you to:

  • Understand your unique needs, requirements and any other factors relevant to the RFP for food services.
  • Draft the RFP and work with you to release the comprehensive RFP for any food services providers submitting an RFP response.
  • Serve as a food services subject matter expert for your facility.  As offers for correctional food services are received, Praeses provides analysis regarding vendor qualifications, compliance, technology capabilities, service offerings, costs and fee structures to enable its clients to make informed decisions when awarding contracts for the selected services.
  • Independently and objectively review all food services RFP proposals submitted.
  • Prepare a summarized analysis of all RFP proposals to assist our clients in the evaluation process during the RFP.
  • Present options for enhancing the food services RFP proposals submitted by potential vendors.
  • Acts as the designated representative in finalizing the terms of the food services contract once the client has selected a supplier and a preferred suite of services for its food services environment.
  • Draft, prepare, finalize and facilitate the execution of contracts for the clients’ food services.
  • Acts as the clients’ representative to coordinate any and all installation(s) (if physical presence is required) and ensure contract compliance for all food services in each institution.

Our goal is to assist in creating RFPs and contracts that will achieve your goals surrounding your food services needs.

Contact one of our RFP specialists to find out more about our services and how we can start helping you TODAY! 

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